Jason Andrews, Chief Instructor

Sensei Jason Andrews started training in June 1991 at a small dojo in the village of Fulbourn near Cambridge.

He was awarded his first grade of (8th Kyu) in November of that year from Sensei Andy Peters at the Wado Karate School Cambridge.

He trained hard and attended many competitions around the country gaining experience (and some trophies!) wherever possible.

In March 1996 he was awarded 1st Dan Black Belt and started teaching in Burwell. Continuing to train with the W.K.S he was awarded 2nd Dan Black Belt in June 1999.

In June 2001 he broke away from the W.K.S and started the Burwell Karate Association which to date has over 100 members.

In 2011 he was awarded his 3rd Dan Black Belt grade by Sensei Ray Field of English Wado Federation.