Our next student grading session is approaching!

Date: Sunday 24 November 2013

Location: Gardiner Memorial Hall, Burwell (click for map)

Preparing for a grading

If it will be your first grading with us, ie. you are currently a 9th Kyu red belt, you may well feel a little bit nervous. The key things that the Senseis will be looking for are good etiquette, strong focus (loud kiais always help here!) and a clear demonstration of maximum effort. Please do not panic, you will not be expected to know all the Japanese!

For those students who are moving up the grades, you should know what is expected of you at your level by now! But in case you are not sure, read on!

Are you ready to grade?

Of course, the Senseis will not have decided which students are ready to grade as yet, and this will be done over the weeks leading upto the grading. If you feel that you are ready, there are a few things you can do to be considered. These are...

  • Keep attending class regularly
  • Try to attend a few extra classes for extra practice
  • Give 100% effort during the class in basics, Kata and Kumite
  • Work hardest on what you are weak on. If you know that your yoko geri (side kick) is letting you down, work extra hard on that in the class
  • Know which Katas you will need and practice them with as strong a focus as you can
  • Simply treat every class from now till then as though it was a grading!
  • Do not get distracted and absolutely do not distract others. Focus on your training and your training alone!

If the Senseis feel that this grading is too early for your own next grade, do not worry. We will usually be holding 3 - 4 gradings per year.

Good luck and good training!

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