It is official...
Daniel is the new face of BKA!

It took many nights of wading through torrential floods of digital photography! The atmosphere at "BKA Towers" was fraught with speculation and the anticipation could have been cut with a cricket stump!

Just who could provide that quintessential balance of poise, technique and foot position!

As if there was ever any doubt. There was only ever one guy who could stand in mawashi geri for that long in front of a wide angle lens!

Yes, Daniel has been awarded the prized honour of being BKA's new "media face". Club members, and more importantly members of the public, will soon start seeing his image appearing throughout the area over the next few weeks!

As a sneak preview, here is the first flyer that will be distributed.

Alas, Daniel will not be receiving a multi-million pound package as part of this campaign, but he may well receive the odd "weird look" from passers by, which is payment enough surely!

We're pretty sure very few people will say anything though!

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