Special Kata training session

Date and time: 7.30pm, Thursday 31 January 2008 (senior class)

Location: Cherry Hinton Infant School (click for map)

We are holding a special Kata only training session at the Cherry Hinton dojo at the end of January.

This class has been designed specifically with the senior students in mind, in particular, those students who will be looking to grade in March 2008.

This is a great opporunity to practice and improve your required/chosen katas further and to ask the club seniors for advice and more indepth assessment on where you need to improve.

If you are a new or recent joiner to the club, this also represents a great chance to start learning your first kata, Pinina Nidan, under you belt.... so come along too!

Special thanks to Sensei Clive for organising this evening.

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