Isleham Gala BKA Karate demonstration
(with sunshine this time!)

Date: Saturday 7 July 2007

Hip hip hip hooray! Would you believe it.... a glorious day for a demonstration. So much so, a few of us even managed to sit and chat on the grass afterwards - couldn't find any Pimms though!

Alas, not such a large turn out this time round given the time we had to organise those attending, but nevertheless, the quality of Karate on display was a high as ever.

Special mentions go to young Josh and Max who bravely demonstrated Pinan Nidan together (I believe that would have been the first time that they would have been in front of a crowd on their own!) and David Crockford, who performed a solo Pinan Godan.

The class demonstration contained a range of basics and group Kata and was rounded off with Jason as a solo defender with the class attacking from the line.

Now, a word of caution here.... if you are an adult student and you are attacking from the line, do think carefully about volunteering to go last. The senseis do have a habit of wanting to end with a big finish and the odd suprise move does occasionally make itself known!

A slightly unusual feature, but nevertheless fun to witness, was that Lianne Crockford seemed to have brought a team of supporters with her! Everytime she performed a move, there were huge "big shouts" and "whoops" from the crowd assembled. Of course, Lianne played this very low key, but we all know that she was enjoying it really!

Big thank you to all those who took part and please do remember, that the next big demonstration is in September at the Cherry Hinton Festival.

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