July BKA "Fight Nite" Report

BKA's second fight nites was held on Thursday 5 July 2007 and, once again, was attended by over a dozen adult students.

Clive was keen for the class to follow a similar stamina building routine together with "boxing" style drills, including:

  • Trunk curls with focus mitt punching
  • One minute burst intensive bagwork
  • One minute burst intensive kicking bagwork
  • Partnered co-ordination excercises

The class also had a totally new experience of a wheelbarrow race whilst performing press-ups! Not the easiest of drills to perform but the slightly humourous side of things managed to make it enjoyable as well as very tiring!

In addition to the basic drill sets, a larger portion of the class was dedicated to rotation attack and defense, with each student facing a line of attackers twice, before switching places. The important factor during this exercise was not the actual attack or defense, but maintaining a fast tempo throughout, balancing speed, stamina and coordination.

The class finished with a long free kumite (sparring) session in pairs. The style employed here was not competition, but stamina focused also.

Once again, Clive made very clear that students were able to take a break at any time to regain both their breath and composure. With such a strong stamina emphasis, this is definitely a key part of the class, with students learning more about their own limits and not ignoring them!

The mix of adrenalin and discipline continues!

More information about "Fight Nite" sessions

We hold Fight Nite on the first Thursday of every month. They are an adults only class and focus on the following key goals:

  • Improving levels of stamina and fitness
  • Self defense
  • Awareness of distance and timing
  • Bagwork
  • Focus-mitt practice
  • Free sparring Kumite
  • Competition Kumite

These special classes start at 7.30pm and finish at 8.45.pm and are open to all adult members of the club. New joiners are of course welcome to attend also, but we should highlight that this is a club session, and in that respect, new students will be expected to attend regular club training sessions also.

Location: Cherry Hinton Infant School (click for map)

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