Dan grading news - we have a new first Dan!

Date: Sunday 2nd October April 2011

During an intense, mentally draining and phsyically tiring grading session held in Birmingham, Sensei's Jason and Steve Andrews, and the club's senior students Daniel Nunn and Lianne Crockford were put through their paces.

After months of hard training, not only during regular club sessions, but externally also, the pressure was on!

Congratulations to all four, who (needless to say) passed at the grades examined:

  • Sensei Jason Andrews, Chief Instructor - 3rd Dan
  • Sensei Steve Andrews - 3rd Dan
  • Daniel Nunn, Senior Student and Chief Sempai - 2nd Dan
  • Lianne Crockford, Senior Student and Resident Instructor at Colville School, Cherry Hinton - 1st Dan

This represents a mammoth achievement for the club. Both Senseis Jason and Steve have been teaching for so long now, they both tell how breaking back into full on training proved to be both refreshing and a big challenge.

Daniel, as ever, continues to display exactly what Karate is all about... (we are not all jealous really!!!!), and a special mention should go to Lianne also, who has achieved so much, both personally and for the club, at such a young age!

Let's not forget, that when a student achieves 1st Dan, it is a milestone achievement, not just for the student, but for the club also. Well done Lianne!

Contgratulations once again from all at the club!

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