Dan grading news - we have two new Dan grades!

Date: Sunday May 4th 2014

Paul Frost and Gary Holland sucessfully passed their 1st Dan Black Belt exam in a gruelling 2 hour grading on 4th May, after 4 months of intense training to acheive the high standard set by the BKA.

Five member panelists put Paul and Gary through their paces in all aspects of their Karate.

BKA Dan Grades

The certificates and belts were officially awarded on Tuesday 6th May to the two bruised and aching students.

Afterwards Paul commented "I'm looking forward to applying all the things I have learnt to my Karate", Gary said "I have dreamt of this moment and I sometimes thought I would never get through it - but i'm glad I did"

Congratulations Paul and Gary from all at the club!

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