Cherry Hinton Festival demonstration:
A huge turn out and another success!

Date: Saturday 8 September 2007

Not the warmest of days to be demonstrating outside, but the rain stayed away so that was a blessing!

We had an impressive number of junior students at this year's Cherry Hinton Festival and as ever, the quality of the Karate on display was top notch.

With Sensei "MC" Jason on the mike explaining each activity to the watching crowd, a short warm up was performed. Then Sensei Clive took the junior students through a series of basics and Kata, and a light kumite demonstration, all of which went off without a hitch!

Lianne Crockford was then called upon to reprise her Sempai role as the senior students demonstrated some more complicated kicking basics. Stating that she worked us a little hard is perhaps an understatement. A fairly arduous workout to say the least.

The seniors then moved onto some kicking exercises. Congratulations go to Sensei Clive for what can only be described as a Bafta winning performance for his potrayal of "injured man holding bag".

The seniors then rounded their demonstration off with a short bout of sparring also.

Probably the longest demonstration that we have done for quite some time and certainly one of the most tiring (thanks again Lianne!). As always the feedback from the crowd was very positive, and we shall no doubt be looking to demonstrate at next year's festival also.

We'd like to thank our good friend (and co-student) Richard for taking the photographs, and you will be glad to know that we have a few more from the demonstration in our junior gallery and senior gallery pages too.

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