More BKA Karate demonstrations have been planned!

We have pencilled in not one, but two demonstrations taking place over the next few months. As always, the Senseis are very grateful to any students who will give up a bit of their free time to help support the club further at these events.

Burwell Village Carnival

Location: Burwell

Date: Saturday 23 June 2007

This may well also involve club members to take part in the Carnival parade, always a bit of fun. Both Senseis, and Sempai Daniel, will be talking to students over the next two weeks about taking part.

Given that this is effectively our "home" demonstration, it would be great to have as many club members there as possible.

Here is a quick picture from last years parade

Cherry Hinton Festival

Location: Cherry Hinton

Date: Saturday 8 September 2007

The demonstration we put on at last year's Festival was a great display of combat and basics. We had plenty of space to show a good range of "in-class" Karate discipline both from the junior and adult students.

In particular, Sensei Clive's "do or die" performance at the centre of a Pinan Yondan and Shodan combined Kata with bunkai has sandblasted its way into Karate legend!

We had a huge crowd of spectators and plenty of enqiries and positive feedback when we had finished.

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