Cherry Hinton BKA Karate demonstration is
a great success!

Date: Sunday 13 May 2007

Despite torrential downpours, well over twenty students (let's not forget parents either) made their way to the Cherry Hinton C of E School Spring Fête, for our third demonstration in the village during the past 12 months.

Fortunately, the school had anticipated the weather and the gymnasium had been kept clear of stalls in order for the various demonstration teams to have a dry stage on which to perform.

The Senseis had decided that the club would perform a micro-class, with some basic and combination routines, group and class Kata and some Kumite. The juniors would work as a group to start with the senior members taking over half way through.

Despite the weather, the crowd turn out was most impressive with every seat in the hall taken, and plenty of standing viewers. It was so packed to the rear of the hall, the seniors were having to measure their kicks very carefully given the proximity of the spectators. However, this simply added to the audience's enjoyment, and in particular, a small group of young lads found the whole "kiai" experience most interesting.

Particular praise should go to young Lianne and David Crockford who performed Kata Pinan Yondan together. Lianne also braved the floor to take the senior class through its basics, not an easy undertaking at all. A lot of parents were very impressed and commented on what a positive approach this was.

Always a good thing, the Kumite was free from incident - Sempai Daniel still recounts the tale of Sensei Clive's heel! - and provided a good illustration to the crowd of the pace at which good clean sparring can be held.

The Senseis together with Sempai Daniel rounded the demonstration off by performing Kata Bassai.

Feedback following the demonstration was very good and a good few people came along to the BKA stand to learn more about the club and Karate in general.

Despite his yearning for fame, I don't think that Sempai Daniel was asked to autograph any of the new flyers, although he may have snuck a few sneaky pre-signed copies into the handout pile!!

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