Burwell Carnival BKA Karate demonstration
defeats the weather once more!

Date: Saturday 23 June 2007

What is it exactly with our Karate demonstrations and the rain? If anyone could let us know, we would be most obliged!

Despite the on-off threat of "cats and dogs", yet again, well over twenty students arrived at the Burwell Village Carnival to put on a very entertaining and well received display of what we do best. The heavens managed to stay shut whilst we were there too, but it was very slippery!

To add a little extra spice to the goings, one of the Carnival MCs took it upon himself to add a commentary to the proceedings which, despite the use of some old-hat terminology ("chops" anyone?), proved to be both amusing and quite a nice touch. Training whilst trying to hide a huge grin is actually quite difficult!

The demonstration was handled with considerable aplomb by Daniel, in the absence of Jason and Clive, and featured both a Junior and Senior class set of basics and Kata. Sempai had decided to take part in the Senior set and handed calling duties to young David Crockford. Due to the background noise, David was handed a microphone in order to keep all instructions audible!

The demonstration was rounded off with a Senior sparring session, which spurred our newly acquired MC friend into an somewhat excited movie cliché recital! "Be like water", "empty your mind" and I am sure heard "wax on - wax off" at some point!

On finishing, we were welcomed with hearty applause and some great comments from onlookers, which are always good to hear. A couple of members from the local Tae Kwon Do club were also watching, but alas, the chance to grab a chat and feedback did not present itself.

I also believe that the club has already been asked to take part in next year's Carnival! Great job from all who attended and took part! And please do remember, that the next big demonstration is in September at the Cherry Hinton Festival.

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